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Our Easy Steps On Purchasing a Car from us.

At Great Car Exporter, we have made car purchase very easy no matter where you are. Buy with peace, and we make sure your car get delivered without any issues. We deliver worldwide and we make sure your car get delivered safely with no worries. Enjoy free shipping insurance that guarantee safety of your shipment right from the time it gets shipped till it gets delivered.

Some of our used cars are been sold for our various dealers while all new cars are been sold directly from us. Either been used or new cars, we handle your purchase and have your car delivered to you any where you want it around the world with total safety.

If you need more information, feel free to contact us. Our customer support team will be very happy to assist you.

1)   Search For The Car You Want on Our Website

Browse through our inventory to check if we have the car you are looking for. We have 2 type of inventories, Used Car Inventory and New Car Inventory.New car inventory is original inventory of GCE being sold directly from us and Used can inventory belong to our trusted Dealers/Sellers from different locations and been sold by GCE as well.

2)   Payment

Once you find a car to purchase, you need to contact us for the invoice. Once the proforma invoice and purchase agreement is approved by you, please make the payment from your bank and send us a copy of proof of payment to confirm the payment with our accounting department.

3)   Shipment

Once payment have been approved, you will then receive the shipping schedule for delivery of your new vehicle and once your vehicle has been shipped, we will then send you a bill of lading documents along with Original copies of the car documents via DHL or Fedex

4)   Delivery

Once you pick up the vehicle at the port, you have completed your purchase!! Buying a vehicle on GCE is really that easy. Just keep in mind, when you have questions, always contact us. We are here to ensure a safe purchase and your satisfaction.

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